As shown, G&S Crossarms are produced to carry trunnion (“U” shaped bracket) mounted floodlighting fittings, or complete with vertical Spigots to carry Spigot mounted floodlights.

On our Mid-Hinged range of poles, these Crossarms are supplied complete with a heavy-duty linked chain that attaches to the pole to ensure the Crossarm is secure during pole raising and lowering.

Crossarms are usually supplied with our poles, however, they can be supplied separately in situations such as changing light fittings on an existing pole. They can be supplied with Spigot Adaptors to suit multiple different pole top spigot diameters.

Crossarms can be individually designed to suit specified complex arrangements of light fittings on one or multiple levels on the poles thus enabling lights to be aimed in multiple directions incorporating top mounting and under mounting of the light fittings.

Custom Colours

Crossarms are generally supplied with the same finish as their columns, either galvanized, painted or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see Powder Coating Colour Charts).

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