Advantages of Mid-Hinged Poles

They eliminate the need for an elevated work platform, cherry picker or safety climb system, reducing ongoing pole maintenance costs. Lighting, security, communications, and other equipment can be maintained safely and effectively using the pole’s simple mechanical lowering device, which can be operated by one or two people.

Suitable for Various Sites

These poles are popular in remote areas where elevating machinery is not readily available or on sites where access to this machinery is limited.

Sites may include (but not limited to):

  • car parks
  • public transport stations
  • roadways
  • mine sites
  • sporting facilities
  • airports
  • general floodlighting situations
  • communications installations

The poles are supplied with tamper resistant fixings, vandal resistant locks and are available with tapered curved or straight Outreach Arms for street lighting.

Australian Design Standards

Our Mid-Hinged Poles are designed to meet Australian Design Standards incorporating resultant wind actions in structural designs. Individual computerised engineering is available on all of our poles.

Our standard range of Mid-Hinged Poles are baseplate mounted and range from 4 metres to 30 metres, however we can design and manufacture poles to any height, width, and specification to suit the requirements of our clients. We also carry many of our standard poles in stock for immediate delivery.

Custom Colours

Like the rest of our range, all mid hinged poles are supplied galvanized, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. Please view our powder coating specifications for more information.

Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

When organising Mid Hinged Poles for your next project, consider our product range of poles. At G&S Industries, we’ve supplied these poles for a variety of projects across Australia and overseas. For more information, get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements.

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Mid-hinged poles are used to allow easy maintenance of lights, CCTV cameras, and other equipment on poles. The hinge allows technicians to easily get close to the equipment for inspection or repairs, without having to climb up the pole or hire an elevated work platform. They are also ideal for locations where access to this type of equipment is difficult or restricted.

A mid-hinged pole is a piece of equipment that offers a simple mechanical lowering method to eliminate the need for an elevated work platform. It is essentially a long metal pole with a hinge in the middle, which allows it to be lowered down to the ground. This is why you may have also heard this pole be referred to as a seesaw pole or centre hinged pole.

Generally, one or two people are needed to operate a mid-hinged pole. However, as our poles range between 4m-30m, this number may vary depending on the size of your pole and what is mounted on the pole. Our mid-hinged raising or lowing procedure can be found on our website here.