Custom Specifications

Our Outreach Arms are generally produced to match the column’s dimensions and specifications. For example, Pipe Poles usually have Pipe Outreach Arms, either round or square. Tapered Octagonal Poles usually have Tapered Octagonal Outreach Arms, however, they can be fitted with Pipe Outreach Arms if required. These Outreach Arms can also be made with various end Spigot diameters and lengths to suit a wide variety of Light Fitting’s.


Outreach Arms can be straight or curved, depending on the design requirements. They can also be designed to be adjustable once the equipment has been mounted to allow fine-tuning of the equipment. Outreach Arms can also be manufactured to be at a certain angle as street lighting and other equipment may need to be mounted at a particular horizontal angle.

Our poles can be engineered to carry from one to multiple Outreach Arms depending on our clients’ requirements.

Outreach Arms are usually supplied with our poles, however, they can be supplied separately in situations such as changing the light fitting type on an existing pole. Care must be taken to properly assess the structural suitability of the existing pole prior to

Custom Colours

Outreach Arms are generally supplied with the same finish as the poles they are mounted on, galvanized or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see Powder Coating Colour Charts).

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