Advantages of Stepped Pipe Poles

An advantage of these poles over single diameter pipe poles is that they allow for the provision of an enlarged, structurally stronger base section that will accommodate greater loading capacities. For example, these poles will allow for attachments like banners that have large wind sail areas.

Another advantage is the provision of more room in the base of the pole for the installation of lighting control gear when using multiple lights or certain lights that require pole-mounted lighting control gear.

Custom Design

These poles are manufactured from steel CHS or SHS pipe in numerous designs, using a variety of sizes and styles of cast concentric reducers, spun steel reducers, or stepped square or circular cut reducers. These reduction arrangements can be tailor-made to our client’s specific requirements.

Stepped Pipe Poles can be supplied in numerous combinations, ranging from one reduction to numerous reductions. They can also be supplied with Pipe Outreach Arms or numerous Spigots. G&S can design a product to virtually any brief.

Custom Colours

Like the rest of our range, all Stepped Pipe Poles are supplied galvanized, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. Please view our powder coating specifications for more information.

Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

When organising Stepped Pipe Poles for your next project, consider our product range of poles. At G&S Industries, we’ve supplied these poles for a variety of projects across Australia and overseas. For more information, get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements.

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