Custom Design

We manufacture to our clients’ specific designs, to suit numerous antennas including:
• Yagi Antennas
• Ground Plane Antennas
• Collinear Antennas
• Gridpaks
• Dipole Arrays
• Side Mount Dipoles
• Coaxial Dipoles
• Corner Reflector Antennas
• Microwave Dishes

Our Antenna Spigots and brackets come in several standard designs and can be tailor made in specific pipe diameters to suit specific communications equipment clamp on attachments. They are manufactured out of combinations of CHS pipe, are hot dipped galvanized and come complete with all of the necessary fixings to attach securely to our poles. They also have an internal catenary hook for fastening a catenary cable for internal cable support. All spigots have a removable door with a slot for cable access. Antenna Spigots also have a fixing arrangement for fastening a Lightning Arrestor / Finial.

Australian Standards

All Antenna Spigots and Brackets are individually designed to Australian Standards to ensure that the lateral linear deflection and torsional rotation are limited. Consequently, the rotation of the axes of unidirectional transmitting or receiving equipment from their principal directions will not exceed half of the beam width or the client’s specified parameters. All spigots and brackets are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards.


Antenna brackets are manufactured from a combination of steel plate and CHS pipe and are hot dipped galvanized. They are manufactured to fit to the pole geometry at the required height. They are fully adjustable on a horizontal plane and can also be made adjustable on a vertical plane to fine tune the position of the communications equipment. Brackets come complete with the necessary fixings for mounting to the pole.
G&S also manufacture a fully adjustable chain link bracket which has removable links to enable it to fit at any height along the pole. These brackets are designed such that they will fit a multiple variety of pole geometries from octagonal, circular, 12 and 16 sided. These brackets are very versatile and come with a multiple variety of antenna mounting attachments. These chain link brackets have been fully load tested by independent engineers.

Custom Colours

They are supplied galvanized and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours if required. (Please see the “Specifications” section for a link to Powder Coating Colour Charts).

Communication Poles

These items are normally supplied with our Communications Poles, but can also be supplied individually for existing Poles. However, the structural suitability of the existing column would firstly need to be checked by a qualified engineer.


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