Safety Climb System

In these cases we recommend the use of a Safety Climb System. This system incorporates the use of either fixed or removable climbing rungs strategically spaced along the pole and an adjustable safety steel wire lanyard system. The system allows the climber to secure themselves with a safety harness to a secure steel cable that runs the length of the pole and is fastened at the top of the pole, the base of the pole, and along the length of the pole with rubber securing cleats. These cleats allow for the cable to be temporarily removed from the cleat while the latch way is slid past the cleat and the cable is then re-secured.


All the appropriate brackets and attachments are manufactured and/or attached to the pole during its manufacturing process and are hot-dipped galvanized with the pole. If required, the system can also be supplied complete with safety harnesses and a latch way mechanism for the operator to use when climbing up the pole.

Our climbing rungs and associated brackets have been designed and physically load tested by our engineering team to meet Australian Standards.

Our Safety Climb Systems are usually supplied with our poles, however, they can be supplied separately as an adjustable clamp-on system for an existing pole. Care must be taken to assess the structural suitability of the existing pole to carry the additional sail loading of the Safety Climb System and the climber(s).

Custom Colours

Our Safety Climb Systems are supplied hot dipped galvanized and can be powder coated to match our poles.

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