Australian Standards

Our rag bolts are designed in accordance with our computerised engineering program and manufactured to Australian Standards from mild or high tensile steel, which is galvanized to withstand corrosion. They are usually in a “U” formation ranging in diameter from M12 to M36 or in an “L” formation for large bolt arrangements for M30, M33, M36, and larger diameters. All bolts are individually engineered to suit each pole application.


Rag bolts are supplied with a rag bolt former- template, two nuts, and two washers per thread, which are used to hold the rag bolts in an accurate position when pouring the concrete foundation. This ensures an accurate alignment of the pole to the foundation bolt assembly when the pole is erected. (Please see our “rag bolt Assembly Procedure” in the “Specifications” section for further details).

We frequently supply our rag bolts in a prefabricated-galvanized welded cage formation in numerous dimensions, to provide extra durability, stability, and strength in the foundation. We can also supply tailor-made rag bolt arrangements for shallow foundations, building slab foundations, and above ground mobile foundations, all to suit the engineered foundation design.

Rag bolt assemblies can be made available to our clients prior to the delivery of poles to allow sufficient time for the concrete foundations to cure before column erection. Our professional team of partner installers can install these foundation assemblies. (Please see our “Procedures” section for details on rag bolt Foundations and Concrete Procedures).


As an alternative to concrete bored piles or mass footings, a Screwpile can be used as a quick and effective solution for pole foundations. These screw-in foundations can be installed and ready to accept the pole within 30 minutes, eliminating the curing time for concrete foundations. These foundations can be supplied complete with baseplates and cable entry slots for easy cable access and connection. These types of foundations are ideal for temporary and permanent sites and can also be used for certain rocky soil conditions.

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