Camera Arms

  • Camera Arms

    Camera Arms

    HDG = Hot Dipped Galvanized

    G&S manufacture a range of standard Camera Arms and custom designs to suit our clients' specific requirements and cater for all types and models of camera equipment.

    Custom Manufactured

    Arms are manufactured to suit any application including:

    • traffic surveillance
    • web cams
    • security monitoring
    • mine sites
    • building sites
    • businesses
    • ports
    • public areas
    • and many other applications

    All recommended arms are manufactured to a rigid, heavy duty design and are chosen to to match their column and its application.  This will ensure optimum camera equipment operation, picture quality and stability.


    Our Camera Arms can be manufactured in our standard designs as listed below and are manufactured to fit to our range of camera columns. All arms are designed to provide minimum camera view obstruction, while providing optimum deflection and vibration rating. Arms can be designed to suit single or multiple camera arrangements or lighting / camera combinations.

    All arms are supplied complete with hot dipped galvanized fixings and attachments to mount to columns.  Arms can be designed to fit to existing columns as add-on arrangements, however the structural serviceability and application suitability of the existing column would firstly need to be assessed.

    Custom Colours

    Camera Arms are supplied galvanized, and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see Powder Coating Colour Charts).

    Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

    G&S Industries' Camera Arms are supplied ex works from Osborne Park or can be delivered throughout Australia and overseas. If required, we can organise the assembly and installation.  (Please see our "Project Services" section for a complete range of our services).

    Camera Arms:

    Code Name PDF
    Spigot Mounted Camera Adaptors
    CM00 Camera Arm 1/2 Moon  
    CM01 Camera Floodlighting Combination Mounting Adaptor  
    CM02 Camera Arm - Single Cranked  
    CM03 Camera Arm - Multiple Cranked  
    CM04 Camera Arm - Stabilised - Small  
    CM05 Camera Arm Mounting Attachment  
    CM06 Camera Arm - Stabilised - Large  
    CM07 Camera Arm - Dome Spigot  
    CM08 Camera Arm - 900 Crossarm Dual Dome  
    CM09 Camera Arm - Adjustable  
    CM011 4 Way Camera Dome Spigot  
    CM012 4 Way Heavy Duty Camera and Lighting Adaptor  
    Octagonal Clamp-On Camera Adaptors
    AYBOS-CCTV Single Adjacent Camera Bracket Octagonal 76 OD x 400mm  


    1/2 Moon Camera Arm, HDG
    Camera Floodlighting Combination, HDG
    Single Cranked Camera Arm, HDG
    Multiple Cranked Camera Arm, HDG
    Stabilised Camera Arm - Small, HDG
    Camera Mounting Attachment, HDG
    Stabilised Camera Arm - Large, HDG
    Dome Spigot, HDG
    Camera Crossarm Dual Dome, HDG
    Adjustable Camera Mount, HDG
    4 Way Camera Dome Spigot, HDG
    4 Way Heavy Duty Camera & Lighting Adaptor, HDG
    Single Adjacent Camera Bracket Octagonal 76 ODx 400mm External, HDG