Custom Design

G&S Industries can manufacture Solar Poles to suit our clients’ specific requirements.

These poles are normally manufactured as heavy duty Fixed or Mid Hinged Tapered Octagonal Poles. Designs incorporate secure vandal proof Battery Enclosures at the base of the pole, fixed or adjustable solar panel frames for solar panel mounting and other attachments for lighting, camera or other equipment. These poles can also be manufactured in a wide variety of designs from Decorative Architectural Poles to CHS Circular Pipe Poles and SHS Square Pipe Poles.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are usually mounted at the top of the pole on an adjustable or fixed Solar Panel Frame depending on the situation.

Due to the sail area of the solar panels, our Solar Poles are usually manufactured in a heavy-duty design, making them ideally suited for operating under heavy wind loads and in cyclonic regions.


Poles are designed as baseplate mounted. Standard pole heights range from 4 to 6 meters and can be individually designed to suit client requirements incorporating lighting, CCTV, communications, and other operating equipment.

Custom Colours

Like the rest of our range, all Solar Poles are supplied galvanized, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. Please view our powder coating specifications for more information.

Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

When organising Solar Poles for your next project, consider our product range of poles. At G&S Industries, we’ve supplied these poles for a variety of projects across Australia and overseas. For more information, get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements.

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Typically, our clients mount cameras, lights, antennas, and combinations of these types of equipment. G&S manufactures various types of brackets and attachments to enable these types of equipment to be securely mounted to the poles at different heights. Generally, the solar panels are mounted at the top of the pole with the other equipment being mounted below, however, solar panels can also be mounted along the pole if required with the equipment mounted at the top of the pole.

G&S Industries can manufacture solar panel poles in custom heights, however, the standard height is between 4, 5, and 6 metres.

Pole mounting is one of the easiest and most straightforward types of solar installation. If your property has unused outdoor space, pole mounting gives you the freedom to make use of it in the most efficient manner possible. With pole mounting, there are fewer restrictions on where and how you can set up your solar system. It eliminates efficiency issues as you can angle the panes at any angle with our adjustable solar panel frames which can also be rotated 360 degrees. With our mid-hinged poles, the solar panels can be lowered to a level to allow ease of maintenance. These poles also have a security bolt and padlock facility to protect the equipment from vandalism.

There is also evidence to suggest that the increased airflow around a pole mount solar installation can improve its performance.

Remote locations where mains power is not available are often excellent candidates for solar panel poles. Solar panel poles can be used to provide power for lights, communications equipment, security cameras, and other electrical devices. They are also a great way to reduce the environmental impact by using renewable energy sources instead of mains power. These poles can be supplied with a battery box to which the pole is mounted to. These boxes are heavy-duty lockable boxes with vents and internal shelves.