Traffic Signal Poles

  • Traffic Signal Poles

    Traffic Signal Poles

    HDG = Hot Dipped Galvanized BPM = Baseplate Mounted PC = Powdercoated

    G&S Industries manufacture Traffic Signal Poles, which have been designed for major and minor intersections on roadways and highways.

    Custom Designs

    Traffic Signal Poles can be made as tapered octagonal poles or more commonly, CHS or SHS Pipe Poles. Designs include straight poles and poles with curved outreach arms which overhang onto roadways for greater visibility.

    These poles can be supplied as baseplate mounted or direct burial with differing heights, depending on the relevant authorities' requirements.

    Custom Colours

    Traffic Signal Poles are supplied galvanized and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours.

    Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

    Poles are supplied ex works from Osborne Park or can be delivered throughout Australia and overseas. We can organise installation of foundations, pole assembly and erection. (Please see our "Project Services" section for a complete range of our services).

    Traffic Signal Poles:

    Code Name
    TRAFFIC Traffic Signal Pole, HDG, BPM, PC
    TRAFFIC-CAM Traffic Signal Pole, C/W Camera Arm, HDG, BPM, PC


    Traffic Signal Pole, HDG, BPM, PC
    Traffic Signal Pole C/W Camera Arm, HDG, BPM, PC