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    Spigot Adaptors

    HDG = Hot Dipped Galvanized

    Spigot Adaptors are mainly used to change column diameters or securely attach special mounting brackets or attachments to a pole for equipment such as lights, cameras, advertising, weather monitoring or communications equipment. G&S Industries manufactures and stocks a complete range of Spigots and Adaptors to suit most client applications. 

    Custom Design

    We have Spigot Adaptors to step up column size and Adaptors to reduce pole size. No matter what  size Spigot is required for your lighting, antenna or equipment, we can provide the correct Spigot size to meet the application. If required, we can tailor make special Spigot Adaptors to exactly match an application or item of equipment.

    Australian Standards

    All Spigot Adaptors are engineered and manufactured according to Australian Standards and are hot dipped galvanized. They can also be painted or powder coated and come complete with all necessary fastening equipment to secure them to the pole. They can be supplied separately for situations such as changing the Light Fitting type on existing poles. Care must be taken to ensure that the structural suitability of the existing pole is suited to the change of mounting equipment.

    Headframes are generally supplied with the same finish as their poles, galvanized and painted or powder coated in a variety of colours.

    Spigot Adaptors:

    Code Name PDF
    SA80NB-60OD Spigot Adaptor - Steps down a 76OD Spigot To 60OD  
    SA80NB-76OD Spigot Adaptor - 150mm x 76OD Spigot Extension  
    SA80NB-90OD Spigot Adaptor - Steps up a 76OD Spigot To 90OD  
    SA90NB-60OD Spigot Adaptor - Steps down a 90OD Spigot To 60OD  
    SA90NB-76OD Spigot Adaptor - Steps down a 90OD Spigot To 76OD  
    80NB To 60OD Spigot Adaptor, HDG
    80NB To 76OD Spigot Adaptor, HDG
    80NB To 90OD Spigot Adaptor, HDG
    90NB To 60OD Spigot Adaptor, HDG
    90NB To 76OD Spigot Adaptor, HDG