Custom Design

In these cases, G&S will design, engineer and manufacture clamp-on brackets to suit the geometry of the pole. These may include circular, square, octagonal, dodecagonal or hexadecagonal.

If the size of the pole cannot be ascertained, G&S stocks a Multi Chain Link bracket that will fit any size and shape of pole.

These brackets can facilitate the installation of cameras, lights, antennas, other equipment and combinations of this equipment.

Brackets made for cameras can be designed with various outreach lengths and attachments to extend out from the poles to gain access to required images. Brackets made for antennas can be designed for single or multiple antennas and dimensioned to allow fine tuning of antenna direction.

If required, mounting provisions for lighting can also be incorporated into designs. G&S can design pole brackets to suit any application.

Custom Colours

Product is supplied galvanized and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see Powder Coating Colour Charts).

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