Custom Manufactured Power Poles

Stocked in standard sizes of 6.5 meters and 7.8 meters however can be manufactured to longer lengths and larger diameter CHS pipe sizes if required.

Also used in the housing construction industry is our 2.9 meter half poles in circular CHS and Square SHS. Our SHS half pole comes complete with brackets for a full or half meter box and a cable slot at the base of the pole.

Australian Standards

All poles are produced to Australian Design Standards, as well as Western Power and Alinta requirements.


These poles are manufactured in steel CHS pipe and hot-dipped galvanised. Our poles range from 2.9 meters to 7.8 meters in height and 114mm to 165mm in diameter. All poles come complete with all the required attachments to connect to services.

G&S stocks these poles for direct burial, however, we can also manufacture them as baseplate mounted if required.

Custom Colours

Like the rest of our range, all Power Connection Poles are supplied galvanized, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. Please view our powder coating specifications for more information.

Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

When organising Power Connection Poles for your next project, consider our product range of poles. At G&S Industries, we’ve supplied these poles for a variety of projects across Australia. For more information, get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Power poles have a minimum height requirement of 4.5m above ground. This may be higher in some circumstances where the pole needs to clear terrain.

As a general rule of thumb, power poles should be buried at around 12% of the overall height. However, how deep a power pole goes into the ground is dependent on the ground conditions, i.e if the ground is loose sand it will need to be buried deeper.

You must contact your local power company if you are digging 900mm or deeper within 1,500mm of a power pole. If unsure, speak to your local power company for more details.