Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Solar Panel Pole Mount


Solar panels can be mounted onto a robust solar pole secured into the ground when there isn't sufficient room on a roof or mounted onto trailers to be freely moved around as required.
Mounting a solar panel onto a pole may also be favourable in situations when the object it is intended to power, such as a light, is also to be secured onto a pole.

Functions of a solar pole mount

The primary function of a solar panel pole mount is to secure the solar panel onto the pole. The mount's secondary function is to ensure the solar panel is angled with the intent of receiving optimal sunlight throughout the day.


Applications of mounting solar panels

Mounted solar panels have a variety of applications that range across different industries. A few of the possible applications include:


Mounted solar panels can be used to power lighting needs, from permanent park and street lights to temporary construction site lighting. Depending on the circumstances, the lights may be mounted onto the same robust pole or separate pole as the solar panels.

Emergency Phones

Many people would have seen solar panels mounted onto emergency phones along freeways. These solar panels and phones can be mounted to the same pole as they are using a specially designed mount. Powering these phones with renewable energy instead of connecting them to the main powerline (assuming a main power line is available) means they are still operational when there is a power shortage.

Furthermore, solar is optimal compared to generators as generators require regular services and to be refuelled, making solar the low-maintenance option.

Security cameras

A solar panel pole mount can also be designed to attach to security camera poles. This is favourable for industries such as construction, who need to continue monitoring their equipment and worksite at night. Or for local councils who wish to install CCTV without having massive costs of attaching security cameras to the mainline.

Large Properties

Large properties in rural areas that are too far away from the main power line must create their own power system. Solar system owners typically place their solar panels onto their roof as it's the most practical and area-efficient place to do so.
But for those who must power their entire home and have the available space, mounting a solar power system into the ground can optimise the amount of electricity it produces as it's placed specifically facing the sun.

Commercial Building Sites

Solar panels are commonly used on commercial building sites to power the site's lights, power tools, temporary offices, and cabins if the worksite is in a rural location. These sites utilise temporary solar panels that don't require installation into the ground but are commonly placed onto a mount on a trailer to be moved around the site as construction progresses.

Benefits to renewable energy over generators

Utilising a commercial solar system over a generator is an excellent way for companies to cut down on emissions. 

Solar systems are also a good option for powering something, for example, night lights at a remote landmark that isn't close to any main power sources but should be lit at night for the safety of visitors. Solar panels are likely to be cost-effective in this situation as they don't require to be serviced and refuelled regularly like generators.

Where solar panels poles can be installed

The location of where the solar panels will be installed must be taken into account. This is to ensure the solar panels receive maximum exposure to sunlight to operate at full performance. Therefore, they require a large portion of land with no trees or buildings obstructing the sunlight from the solar panels.


At G&S Industries, we custom build solar panel poles and solar panel pole mounts to each company's request. We then deliver the product and can organise the installation of the pole and mount upon request.

If the company wishes to install the solar panel pole and mount themselves, specific information will be supplied based on the custom pole and mount.

All electrical system installation must be undertaken by a licensed electrician.


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