Cable Access Doors

  • Cable Access Doors

    Cable Access Doors

    HDG = Hot Dipped Galvanized

    A simple yet integral part of any communications column. The cable access doors allow the communications cable from the antenna / microwave dish to be passed internally down the pole. The cables can also be looped around / tied to the cable support bracket that is welded to the inside of the pole.


    All of the G&S Industries Cable Access Doors are fitted with a length of chain which is secured to the pole. This allows for safer installation and maintenance of the equipment as there is no risk of doors being dropped from heights.

    Custom Colour

    Cable Access Doors are supplied galvanized and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see Powder Coating Colour Charts).

    Cable Access Doors:

    Code Name
    CAD-SMALL Small Cable Access Door, HDG
    CAD-LARGE Large Cable Access Door, HDG


    Small Cable Access Door, HDG
    Large Cable Access Door, HDG