Scarborough Beach Pool Light Pole Project


The Scarborough Beach Foreshore Swimming Pool Project is a world class recreation facility, developed by the City of Stirling, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. The project includes two outdoor, geothermally heated swimming pools, along with a fitness centre, café and recreation area. This project is part of the Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment, which aims to revitalise and activate the area for both residents and tourists.

Curved Lighting Poles at Scarborough Beach Pool

G&S Industries were proud to provide our expertise to design, manufacture and install specialized outdoor lighting poles for the new facility, which were custom manufactured to suit the physical and aesthetic requirements of the project. As a proud West Australian family owned and run business, we love to see our designs included as part of this exciting redevelopment project in our home state.

To complete the project, G&S Industries worked collaboratively with the project architects, to design specialized galvanized poles, which suited the design of the pools and surrounding building, which would provide lighting for both early morning and late-night visitors.

Fixed Tapered Round Poles

The end result were specially engineered tapered round curved poles. These were the best option for providing easy accessibility for maintenance, as well as suiting the visual requirements of the project. The pool lighting consists of eight curved lighting poles with three LED flood lights per pole. G&S also fitted solar panels to each pole, as the main power source for the LED lights. The poles were manufactured in a heavy-duty design, to withstand the coastal weather and heavy winds.

Light Application designed the lighting to be sensor controlled and adjustable for different modes such as security and after hours or public mode. They also included some fun additional features, allowing the lights to change colours, such as colours of the sunset (5 minutes prior to the sunset) and cycling through different colours throughout the evening.

Specialised Design Software

G&S Industries do all our engineering designs and drafting in Western Australia, for Australia wide and international delivery. Our engineers use specialised design software to model our pole designs to analyse the structural suitability for their purpose (allowing for environmental considerations), ensuring the safety and stability of the poles, for long term use. We carry out numerous designs and verifications of pole structures, including their foundations, for all areas in Australia.

We ensure the pole types and sizes are correctly selected to suit the proposed installation location. This includes the correct fittings and foundations for the structure and location.  We design and verify our poles using sophisticated engineering software, which analyses high stress areas requiring strengthening and possible issues that may arise from things such as vibration and vortex shedding. We also carry out testing of the existing and/or proposed fittings to confirm their structural adequacy. G&S offer many innovative, design led solutions to suit the specific locations and client requirements.

Leading Australian Manufacturer

G&S Industries are the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality poles in Australia. We have the largest stock of steel poles in Australia with over 250 product lines on the shelf, ready for delivery. We also offer custom solutions with tailored design and manufacture of poles to suit your project requirements. Speak to one of our experts today, to discuss your requirements.

Fixed Curved Round Poles



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