Heavy Duty Manufactured

These poles are manufactured to a heavy-duty standard to sustain the extreme weather conditions experienced in typical open terrain categories.

Australian Standards

G&S Industries’ Wind Indicator Poles are designed to CASA recommendations and to meet Australian Design Standards incorporating resultant wind actions in structural designs. Individual computerised engineering is available on all our Wind Indicator Poles.


The poles are manufactured as Baseplate Mounted, Fixed Tapered Multi Sided Poles or Mid-Hinged Tapered Octagonal Poles configurations. They are normally in a 4, 5 or 6 meter heights, however can be manufactured to any heights.

Poles are supplied c/w a CASA approved stainless steel windsock frame and windsock. Windsock frames are manufactured from industrial grade stainless steel, incorporating a “no tangle” stand-off stainless steel hoop. These frames are designed to hold the windsock open and free from the pole to give optimal wind indication. Windsocks are manufactured from an extra heavy-duty fabric which is UV stable. Please see our Windsock Frames and Windsocks section of our Accessories section.

Windsocks can be supplied in the following sizes:

(4 Foot, 1219mm Length) – (14 Inch, 355mm Mouth Diameter)

(6 Foot, 1828mm Length) – (18 Inch, 457mm Mouth Diameter)

(8 Foot, 2438mm Length) – (24 Inch, 609mm Mouth Diameter)

(12 Foot, 3657mm Length) – (36 Inch, 914mm Mouth Diameter)

Custom Colours

Like the rest of our range, all Wind Indicator Poles are supplied galvanized, and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. Please view our powder coating specifications for more information.

Australia-wide & Overseas Delivery

When organising Wind Indicator Poles for your next project, consider our product range of poles. At G&S Industries, we’ve supplied these poles for a variety of projects across Australia and overseas. For more information, get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements.


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