Footings & Ragbolts

footing ragboltsG&S Industries produce poles which can be baseplate mounted or buried directly into the ground. Our baseplate mounted poles are installed onto anchor bolts which are set into concrete footings. We strongly suggest that these concrete footings be designed by an accredited engineer who will require the soil conditions for the particular site location. We are able to assist with this service if required.

Each set of anchor bolts consist of two “U” shaped steel bolts in a 4 bolt arrangement and individual “J” bolts in 8 to 24 bolt designs. All bolts are hot dipped galvanized and supplied complete with a former / template to match the pole flange / baseplate. To attach the former template to the anchor bolts, thread one nut onto each thread and then place a washer onto each nut. Then place the template former over the threads. Place another washer over each thread and then screw and fasten tightly another nut down onto each thread.

footing and ragboltsPlace two wooden gluts across the footing hole to support the anchor bolt arrangement.  Place the anchor bolt arrangement into the footing hole using the wooden gluts to support the anchor bolt arrangement. The tops of the bolts should be set so that they protrude approximately 150 mm out of the concrete, which will allow for nuts, washers, baseplate and sufficient room underneath the pole baseplate for grouting and to allow sufficient thread above the top nut for securing of the pole.

All of the necessary electrical or communication conduits and any other required services must be installed into the footing by a qualified tradesperson, prior to the pouring of the concrete. The protrusion of these conduits and other services should be level with the tops of the bolts. These services should be sealed at both ends to avoid ingress of foreign matter. Eg. Sand, cement etc.

The threads of the bolts should be covered with grease and protected by a cap or tape to ensure that damage does not occur, through concrete adhesion caused during the pouring of the footing.

Please see diagrams below for detais:

 Pile Footing

Square Footing

pile footing square Footing