10 Benefits of Galvanized Steel


Galvanized steel is vital to many industrial applications. The global market is expected to reach $283 billion by 2025. Demand is growing, due to the numerous benefits it offers.

There are several reasons that galvanized steel has become so popular. We have listed ten of the biggest benefits for you below. But first...

What is Hot Dipped Galvanizing?

It is the process of immersing fabricated steel in a bath of molten zinc. Once this layer of molten zinc solidifies, it provides a layer of protection against corrosion, along with many other benefits.

Galvanized steel has a high tensile strength

Some industrial engineers used to believe that the galvanizing process reduced the strength of steel. They believed that there was a tradeoff between the strength of galvanized steel and other properties, such as the quick production times and superior corrosion resistance galvanized steel affords. Research from AZoMaterials showed this is not the case.

 Galvanized steel can have a tensile strength of 600 Mpa or more, and the yield strength is almost as high. It is considerably stronger than many other metals with similar material properties. Galvanized steel can also be stronger than some other types of steel.

Galvanized steel has a strong toughness rating

Tensile strength and yield strength are important material properties in any engineering project. However, the toughness of the material can be just as important. Strong materials don’t always have high toughness ratings. Their hardness may make them brittle and therefore increase the risk of them getting damaged from a sudden impact.

Galvanized steel satisfies both the toughness and strength requirements of most engineering projects. The steel is immersed in a vat of liquefied zinc. The zinc coating offers exceptional protection against mechanical damage.

Galvanized steel can be produced rapidly

Galvanized steel can be produced very quickly. The process of preparing the steel and bathing it in the zinc generally takes 72 hours. However, some galvanizing processes can be completed in less than a day.

Galvanized steel automatically heals itself

Galvanized steel benefits from sacrificial protection. Damage heals itself without requiring additional maintenance.

Galvanized steel offers full surface protection

Every square millimetre of galvanized steel is protected from the surrounding environment. The galvanizing process protects the corners and grooves of the surface.

Galvanized steel is good for the environment

Some critics have argued that galvanizing is bad for the environment because it involves using liquid zinc. However, the long-term environmental impact of galvanizing steel is a net positive.

The reason is that steel is much more resilient and requires less maintenance after it has been galvanized. Galvanized steel also has better longevity, which minimizes the need to produce more steel to replace erections of a given structure, which more than makes up for the environmental issues created by bathing the steel in molten zinc.

Galvanize steel can be inspected quickly and easily

All steel erections need to be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion or structural damage. Compliance standards in certain industries require periodic inspections, which can be costly and time-consuming if the wrong materials are used. The sacrificial protection and quality finishing afforded by galvanized steel make it easier to identify defects and signs of damage, which makes the inspection process cheaper and more efficient.

The appearance of the steel after the galvanizing process provides a good indication of its long-term integrity

Some materials appear to be durable and free of defects after the production process is completed. However, these materials often atrophy rapidly during the production, erection or servicing processes.

 These concerns don’t apply to galvanized steel. The overall appearance and tensile testing data are great indications of its quality for years to come. 

The galvanizing process does not depend on having ideal conditions

Some steel production processes can only be completed under perfect conditions. Galvanized steel is a better option if conditions are uncertain. Galvanized coatings can be applied in a matter of minutes and aren’t dependent on the weather.

Galvanized steel has excellent longevity

Galvanized steel is one of the longest-lasting materials available. Studies have shown that it can last for decades in most rural environments. Galvanized steel can even last 25 years in harsh urban environments.

Galvanized steel is an excellent material for countless industrial applications

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