FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Agents in other states

Do you have agents in other states?

Unfortunately we do not have agents in other states.  However, due to our continued relationship with large national freight forwarders, we are able to ship to almost any destination in Australia at a very competitive rate.



What is the difference between a pile and a slab foundation?

Pile foundations are the standard option offered by most pole manufacturers.  They are narrow, deep and the easiest way to install a pole foundation.

Slab foundations are used mainly when a pile foundation cannot.  This may be because of rock formations or a high water table which impede the drilling of the pile foundation hole.  For this reason slab foundations are wider and shallower.



What is Hot Dipped Galvanizing?

It is the process of immersing fabricated steel in a bath of molten zinc.  Once this layer of molten zinc solidifies, it provides a layer of protection against corrosion, along with many other benefits.

Are G&S Industries poles Hot Dipped Galvanized?

Yes, all of our poles and accessories are Hot Dipped Galvanized.



What colours can the poles be coated?

We have the luxury of being able to offer colours from both the standard Dulux and Interpon powdercoating range.  Click here to view our powdercoating selection.


Columns & Poles

Street light Poles

How tall is a street light pole?
The height of a street light pole varies depending on its location, type of street and lighting requirements. The minimum height for a street light pole in Australia is 4.5m above ground

How much does a street light pole cost?
Street light poles vary in price depending on the size of the pole and the amount purchased. 

How far apart are street light posts?

The spacing between two light poles should be roughly 2.5 - 3 times the height of the pole to provide a sufficient amount of light.


Steel Sections

What is the meaning of CHS in steel sections?
CHS stands for Circular Hollow Section, meaning the pole is tubular with a hollow core.

What is the meaning of SHS in steel sections?
SHS stands for Square Hollow Section, meaning the pole is square with a hollow core. 

What is UC in steel?
UC stands for universal column and are commonly referred to as “H” beams due to their H shaped appearance of the cross section.


Power Poles

How high is a power pole in Australia?
Power poles have a minimum height requirement of 4.5m above ground. This may be higher in some circumstances where the pole needs to clear terrain.

How deep does a power pole go into the ground?
As a general rule of thumb, power poles should be buried at around 12% of the overall height. However, how deep a power pole goes into the ground is dependent on the ground conditions, i.e if the ground is loose sand it will need to be buried deeper. 

How close can you dig to a power pole?
You must contact your local power company if you are digging 900mm or deeper within 1,500mm of a power pole. If unsure, speak to your local power company for more details.


Traffic Poles

What are traffic poles made of?
Traffic poles are more often than not made out of galvanized steel, due to its strength and resistance to corrosion.



What are the different types of columns?
There are many different types of columns. At G&S Industries, we stock everything from Architectural Columns, Mid Hinged Columns, Power Connection Columns, Street Lighting Columns, Traffic Signal Columns and so on. View our full list of products here.