Mid Hinged Poles - Raising & Lowering Procedure

Step 1

Ensure that the wind conditions are still. Attach a 12mm or larger diameter double braided rope to the rope tie (ROPE 1) , which is located at the base of the skirt. The rope must be at least two meters longer than the height of the entire poles. Poles of height greater than 20M require two ropes with two operators acting in unison. As a precaution, in case the counterweight balance has not been installed , temporarily tie a short piece of rope (ROPE 2) around the pole as per (Image 1) below, threading it through the same rope hook at the base of the skirt and tie each end together to form a circle. Be sure to leave at least one meter of slack so that the pole skirt can be released partially as per (Image 3) below. This will give the operator enough movement in the skirt to ascertain that the counterweight has been installed and that the pole is balanced and can be operated safely by hand. 

Step 2

Release the Allen Keyed skirt securing bolt and pull the skirt away from the pole. On the taller poles or cyclonic rated poles, there may be two or three skirt securing bolts. Be sure (NOT) to remove the fixings that have the “Do Not Remove” Washers, as these hold the counter weight in place. If the skirt can be operated by hand, it is now safe to remove the short piece of rope (ROPE 2) shown in (Image 1) from around the pole base and begin lowering the pole, whilst holding firm on the long rope (ROPE 1).

Step 3

Pull the skirt away from the stub section and lower the pole slowly and steadily avoiding any jerking movements, which may damage the light fitting(s), other equipment or pole. Lower the pole until the light fitting(s) or equipment are at a safe working height as per (Image 5). Be careful not to lower the pole fully as the lights or equipment may hit t he ground or base section of the pole depending on the particular pole. Now tie the end of the rope to the rope tie at the base of the pole and commence the required work . To prevent rope burns, ensure suitable rope handling gloves are worn at all times.

Step 4

Reverse the procedure to raise the pole and ensuring skirt retaining bolt or bolts are secured and fastened before untying the rope (ROPE 1) from the skirt rope hook.


Note: All equipment ie. Headframes, Lights, Antennas, Cameras etc. must be installed on the pole(s) prior to erection of the pole. Under no circumstance is the pole to be operated without the top equipment mounted.

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