Building Mounted Brackets

  • Building Mounted Brackets

    Building Mounted Brackets

    HDG = Hot Dipped Galvanized

    In certain instances it may be more economical to mount CCTV or other equipment on existing buildings and structures, rather than on columns.

    In these cases, G&S are able design, engineer and manufacture mounting brackets to suit a wide variety of applications. Brackets can be made to attach to walls, ceilings, roof tops, underneath eaves, platforms and other structures. These brackets facilitate the installation of cameras and other equipment on numerous property types such as retail premises, educational establishments, mining sites, industrial sites and offices.

    Brackets can be made with various outreach lengths to extend out from buildings to gain access to required images. They can also be made in a swivel arrangement to enable them to be swung back to the building for equipment maintenance. Brackets can also be fitted with anti climb spikes to prevent tampering of equipment or vandalism.

    If required, mounting provision for floodlighting and or communications can also be incorporated into designs to enable lighting / Comms / CCTV combinations on brackets.

    Product is supplied galvanized and can be painted or powder coated in a variety of colours. (Please see the "Specifications" section for a link to powder coating colour charts).

    Code Name PDF
    BM01 Building Mount Bracket - Vertical / Horizontal Mount, HDG  
    BM02 Building Mount Bracket - Corner Mount, HDG  
    BM03 Building Mount Bracket - 90 Degree Arm, HDG  


    Building Mount Bracket - Horizontal or Vertical, HDG
    Building Mount Bracket - Corner, HDG
    Building Mount Bracket - 90 Degree Arm, HDG